Monday, July 14, 2008

50 Miler

To the left is the bear claws I was talking about.

To the left is the hail storm on Day 5, Friday.

We did a 50 miler through the week of July 7-12(Mon.-Sat.). The first day we on Monday we woke up at 5:00 and headed to Boulder mountain. We hiked 6 miles and passed one lake called Chriss lake. We camped at Deer Creek a different lake, then hiked up to another lake called Green Lake. That is where I caught my first and last fish on the hike. It was a cutthroat about 6 in. The next day we hiked 12 miles and passed three lakes. We camped by some trees that had bear claws on it. We have a picture of it some where on my blog. The next day was the hardest because we hiked 5 miles straight up Boulder Mountain and then another 3 miles in to our base camp. We passed the most lakes that day, we passed four lakes. The two days we day hikes. The first day we hikes 10 miles and it wasn't very hard. Day 5 wasn't very hard because we hiked only 7 miles but it hailed and rained on us. That night I ate my very first brook trout. It was delicious!! We also hiked to a lake called Crater Lake. The lake had a tons of fish in it mostly brook trout. The next day, day 6, the last day we hiked 7 miles back to the cars. It was so beautiful there and we saw a lot of cows and some deer. Everyone was so excited!! We had a surprise lunch which was steak, dutch oven potatoes and, dutch oven rolls. It was so good!! We hiked a total of 50.75 miles starting Monday July 7 through Saturday July 12.