Friday, June 13, 2008


I was part of the FRIS band last year. We played really cool songs. We played Pirates of the Caribean, Mission Impossible and, Indiana Jones. Our band was really good.


Tracy said...

Great blog Dylan! I'm impressed you put a blog together. Keep it up so we can know what you're involved in. You're a great kid and we're proud of all your accomplishments.
-Aunt Alyssa

Mike Edwards said...

Dylan, you have already done so many things that I have wanted to making your own blog, playing a musical instrument, starring on a basketball team, and so much more!

I love those songs you get to play with the trumpet. Grandpa Edwards used to have an 8-track tape (you will have to ask your dad what an 8-track tape is) of a group called 'Tiajuana Brass'. Grandpa got me hooked on loving to hear brass instruments. I listed to that tape for hours.

Keep up the good work and have a fun summer.

-Uncle Mike